G ORACLE DESIGN is a unique brand of empowering garments. The idea for this brand was born out of great intentions and out of the Heart. Empowering clothes through symbols that connect us with the wisdom of the Universe, the wisdom of Gaia. High vibrational fabrics, colors, prints, embroideries are the key components for creating our clothes. The designs are more inspirational, motivational with the intention to uplift your spirit, pull out your enthusiasm, your ability to shine your inner beauty and light. We have developed a range of exquisite, lovable and standout garments to help you remember to claim your power and build your magic daily!

Unique designs with a unique message for each one of you!

OUR MISSION is to inspire and empower people.

“We must be the change we want to see around us” …. that is our motto!

“Waste no more”, is a philosophy within the philosophy of G ORACLE DESIGN, which embodies creativity, innovation, and design for conscious consumption. As an apparel brand we take steps towards sustainable fashion, finding balance between material sourcing and production. Where each creation is unique, made from recycled unused material & fabric. Finding a way to repurpose our not been used fabrics, to establish our vision for a circular model of design with zero waste. Left over materials are beautifully transformed into aesthetic pieces to wear! Nothing goes to waste!

For this project G ORACLE DESIGN team is engaged and dedicated